What is this Project about?

We are asking Artists of all styles to contribute an Artpiece, which is their statement towards Marihuana and Legalisaton.

The Artwork will than be published on T-shirts, Lithos and Postcards and be carried throughout the World.

Murals and other actions are being planned. If you have any questions or would like to participate, please write us a message.



If you want to contribute an artwork, or support us in any other way, please get in touch!

Berlin loves Weed supports Cannabis legalisation Projects throughout Germany with a share from every shopitem sold. 


The first edition of our Shirts, Hoodies and Bags were printed in Berlin´s Plötzensee Jail, to foster social rehabilitation.  The long-term goal is to create jobs for ex-inmates.  Outside of the Penitentiary.

Can we help You?

If you are planning pro-Cannabis actions in Germany, we'd like to help You. For example by providing artworks and printing of leafletts and posters. Please get in touch!

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