Manifesto regarding the failure of Cannabis Prohibition in Germany

The Cannabis prohibition has failed! The ban violates the Constitution, is morally untenable, questionnable from a medical point of view and practically useless.


Moderate Consumption of Cannabis is no health risk. The Theory of Marihuana as a gateway drug is disproved.


Regardless there are thousands of Citizens either in Jail or limited in their freedom by other sanctions as a result of either trafficking, consumption or production of a harmless substance.


The arbitrary deviation does not only affect the people involved, but is a burden to the German public worth 2.6 billion Euros annually.


At the same time, the medical benefits and the research on Cannabis are being slowed down by the prohibition. The economic use of farmhemp is limited. If Germany wants to be a „green“ and sustainable, the legalisation of Hemp is indispensable.


On top of that, the effectivity of the Prohibition is very limited in spite of the total cost. The city of Berlin consumes several Kilogramms of Weed every day. Most of which is „manufactured“ by criminal organisations and is distributed without any quality- or agechecks, or any taxes!


All of the above makes it our mission to help push forward the legalisation of all Hemp immediately!

Calculation of Berlin's demand for Cannabis

Berlin has 3.5 million inhabitants. If only 1% (35.000) of all Berliners smoke 1 gramm of Cannabis daily, its 35 kg (77 .lbs) of Marihuana every day. This is equal to more than ONE TON (2200 .lbs) every month.


This example is just for one City in Germany, calculated with a very low factor. 


The statistic number of regular-basis Cannabis users is more than 10% in Germany. Please do the math by yourselves. The Prohibition has failed and it is up to us to make the change.



The famous Marihuana leaf is both, Inspiration and objet d'art.

 Its omnipresent in Popculture from Albumcovers to Kids' Leggings. In a collaboration with Artists from around the World, we want to bend the borderline between prohibition and legalization.


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Hemp has been our companion for a long time already. From Stoneage to the Industrialage. The ropes and sails of the boats that discovered America were meade from hemp. Until before 1945 hemp-industry was all around in Germany.

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